1 maj 2017

How I changed my bad, dry skin with eczema to natural, good, clear skin. Part 1

Hello everyone!

Today I am going to talk about something I am really sensitive about and feel is really important, my skin!

This is my face now bare. No makeup, no photoshop.

I´ve had problems with my skin and with eczema since I was a small child. I have really dry and sensitive skin and that includes my face but of course I have had problems with zits and blackheads in my face like everyone else.
I´ve been teased horribly because of my skin, both as a child in school and as an adult. And frankly, I hate it! I´ve hated my skin for years! It made me feel like a someone with leprosy and I was constantly thinking about it and what people said about me and I thought that I tried everything to get it better. Unfortunately it seems that my son Mattis has inherited my bad, dry skin with eczema, something I really hoped he would not have to go through. So I hope I can help him as well.

I started to follow a strict routine, every single day, and I found that it really helped. I want to share some of the tips and products that really helped me.
Some of the tips is just common sense that many of you will think is very obvious and you probably already knew. But I wished someone had told me about some of the things when I was younger because I have made a lot of mistakes with my skin and could have really needed to hear them and follow them diligently.

I don't think that there is one miracle cream that will miraculously fix your skin, that many brand of skin creme advertise in their commercials but I will be telling you about some of the products I think is great and use on a daily basis in the next part of this blogpost (this is my own opinion and I don't get anything to talk about this).
Also if you, like me, have eczema you need to go to a doctor who can look at it and give you the right care. I´ve been to many doctors and have cortisone-cream prescribes for my eczema, which is something I have to use on my break outs. But there is also some natural option that soften and moisturizes the skin, like olive oil (also see part two)

So, 10 things I changed in my life that really helped with my skin.

1. I quit smoking

Oh so obvious! Everyone know that smoking is bad for your body and it is SO bad for your skin. If you what your skin to dry out, age faster and give you premature wrinkles, go ahead and smoke away. And of course it is also bad for your lungs, heart and everything else in your body.
I actually quit smoking before I got pregnant and I am so grateful that I did. I recently had a good friend that passed away of heart problems, because of his smoking.
So, if you want good skin, you can't get  it if you smoke.

2. I got pregnant 

Sorry all you men out there but I can't deny that my skin got a lot better when I got pregnant. It was like a epiphany and I was really surprised. Prengnancy-hormones is really a wonderful thing and many women find that there skin and hair approve when they are pregnant and breastfeeds.
But it also means that when the hormones disappears it can get worse again. My skin approves a lot  when I was pregnant and has, so far, staid quite good afterwards.

3. I found out my REAL skin type and the real products for that skin type

This is something I really wished that someone would have helped me with as a teenager. Then I thought that I got zits and blackheads because I had an oily skin type in my face and used products for that skin type. And most of us don´t really know what kind of skin type we really have and therefor use the wrong types of products. So it is a good idea to go to a professional, most of them can give a free consultation, and find out which skin type we have.

4. I changed my diet

What you put into your body will affect you skin and when changed my diet I notice a approvement. Keep away from processed food, like sausages, fast-food and to much meat and eat vegetables and  fish that are rich in omega 3. Also cut down on the sugar! I started to make my own bread and müsli so I know whats in it and not so much sugar.
To get my daily intake of vegetable I drink Kimberly Snyders, who is gorgeous by the way, glowing green smoothie, after reeding about it in Dita von Teeses book "Your beauty mark". She drinks it every morning and I thought "I wanna try that" so I bought Snyders book. It is really a great way to get more vegetable in your diet and it really taste really good.

5. I dink a lot of water (and green tea)

I drink a ton of water everyday and its very important. It helps hydrating your skin from within and it also helps with oxygen and blood flow to the skin.
I also drink a lot of green tea, both cold and hot, which contains antioxidants and is very beneficial for the skin. The antioxidants in green tea may also help with the aging of the skin.

6. I started working out

This is also obviously good for your body but also for your skin. Working out unleashes endorphines and makes you happy and also gives your skin a great glow. It also improves your circulation and oxygen capacity, which improves complexion.
It was hard for me to get back to the gym after having my son and the doctor said that i couldn't work out for three months (!!!)  after the birth. It was so frustrating to only be able to do a little bit of. exercises and walking. But now I go to the gym two times a week and yoga.
Yoga is great for the body. It helped with your breathing, relaxes the body but also strengthen it and makes it more flexible.

6.  I try to get more sleep

This have been a real challenge with a little baby. I have hardly got three hours of sleep every night with all the nighttime feedings and changing. But now when Mattis is four months and have got into a more regular sleep pattern it has gotten easier. He wakes up only once in the middle of the night and then early in the morning and Jakob and I split the feedings so we both get at least seven hours of sleep. Then when Mattis sleeps during the day I sometimes try to sleep as well, but often I'm to occupied with all the other stuff, like laundry, to have the time to sleep. But I try.

7. I stick to a beauty-routine

If you want good skin it is really important to be consistent, something I have been really bad at. I find it really hard to find time sometimes to do this everyday. But it is good to have a good beauty-routine and use the same products every day.
I actually wrote all the different steps in my beauty routine down and which products I am going to use. And this routine I  try to do every day. If you are consistent you will se changes in your skin.
I will go through my routine and the products I use  in the next part of this blog post.

8. I never go to bed without taking my make up off and washing my face

NEVER go to bed with makeup on! It will give you clogged up pores and give you more breakouts and unpure skin. It will also dry out your skin because you won't let your skin breath during the night.
It is during the night repairs itself and with makeup on it won't be able to do that, which can lead to irritation, sensitive skin, rash and even infection of the skin. Also it will make the skin appear more dull, appear older and give you more wrinkles.

9. I moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

This is something everyone need to do every day, with any skin type. There is some misconception that if you have oily skin type  you don't need to moisturize because you have oily skin (I had to convince this to my boyfriend who thought this) and that will just cause breakouts but actually all skin need moisture. Dryness will actually make your breakouts worse. For me moisturizer is of course essential because my skin is dryer that the desert. I moisturize like ten times a day and even more in the winter.

10.  I wear sun-protection, every dag

The sun is vital for our vitamin D intake, which is good for us to feel happy and healthy but the sun is also dangerous. You actually you only need to be in the sun for 15 minutes to get your daily vitamin d intake. To much sun-exposure can cause som irreversible damage like dryness, discoloration,  premature aging and winkles and even cancer (as we all know). Sunscreen is not only for when we go to the beach and we actually need to apply it hours before we go out in the sun.
I wear it everyday, even in the winter (and I live in Sweden)! When i tell people this, they think I am silly and ask me "Why, you  don't need sunscreen everyday?". But you can get skin-damage even when its cloudy. Sun-protections does not only mean sunscreen. I also wear sunglasses, hats, clothing and parasols.

After changing these 10 things, which is not really that big of a change and very hard, I started to see a change in the quality in my skin. I think that the most important thing is to stick with it and be consistent.
Hopefully these tips was useful for you and help you to get better, natural and beautiful skin. I know how hard it can be and how unhappy you can feel in your own skin when you have break outs or like me a lot of eczema.

In the next part of this blog post I will go through my (new) routine and my favorite products that I use on a daily basis. So look out for the next post!

Much love

10 april 2017

I heart Stockholm

I had just come home with Mattis after visiting my grandmother and suddenly my phone rings like crazy. I look at the display and I have missed calls and like 10 texts. It is Jakob thats in the other end,  "Where are you?" he said with a kind of panic in his voice. I am at home. "You have to watch the news, a truck has just rammed a bunch of people driving down Drottninggatan and crashed into Åhlens". What?

I am in total chock. Something incomprehensible has happened, in my city!
A man hijacked a truck and raced down the biggest shopping street in Stockholm in high speed and killing 4 people in the progress and injuring 15. A street I walked down so many times I can't count. People running for their life trying to get out of the way of the speeding truck. Then the truck crashed into the entrance of Åhlens, one of the biggest shopping centers in Stockholm, and bursting into flames. A terrorist attack in Stockholm.
I watch in horror on the news and just held Mattis and cried. Why? Why? This is so horrible. Just like Nice, Berlin, London and Syria. Why?

The crazy thing is that I planned to go into town that same day around the time of the attack and shop at Åhlens, but changed my mind because I was to tired. But I can't get out of my head the question, what if I had? What if this crazy person had hit me or our son Mattis? Or what if this person had chose to hit another shopping center called Sturegallerian, where Jakob works. And I had another friend who had been outside of Åhlens just 15 minuets before this happened.
I am just so grateful that I changed my mind and didn't go there that day.

But this terror-attack backfired for the terrorist. The terrorists want to create panic, fear and hate but instead the city came together in love and hope. I am so proud to be from Sweden and Stockholm today! I have lived in this city my whole life and you are messing with the wrong city!
When the city was in panic and the police, who did a wonderful job, closed down the center of the city and many people was stuck and didn't have a way to get home to their families, people opened their own homes and hearts. Instead of hate we all came together.
And yesterday hundreds of people celebrated the victims of this terrible attack on Sergels torg. Hundreds of flowers and candles around the place of the attack. Hundreds of people coming together to mourn.

We are all still in chock after this but we are slowly coming back to normal and we are all standing up to terrorism. Our hearts goes out to the victims and their families. But we will not be afraid, because that means the terror has won and that will never happened!! We will stand strong and we will take care of each other.

If you mess with my city, you are going to get burned. Don't fuck with Stockholm, MY CITY!

I <3 Sockholm!

Much love

18 mars 2017

Amelia Earheart, at your service!

Hello everyone!

So finally today I get to dress up because I´m going to a  birthday and costume-party at my friend Cattis who just had her 25th birthday! The theme is America so I had to find a person/character from the U.S.A that I found interesting.
And you know the aviators hat that I bought at the Stockholm antique-fair? Well now I can finally get a chance to use it, because I´m going as the famous aviator Amelia Earheart!

I absolutely love to dress up, it is so much fun and you can become a completely different person. That is why I am involved in a couple of historic societies, where I drew up in different clothing from different eras. My favorite dress is a green dress that is in the style that they had in the 1860s. It makes me feel like Jane Eyre (or Tant Grön for everyone in Sweden).

Ready for takeoff!

I am waring pants that are vintage from Ralph Lauren, a white vintage blouse I bought at Etsy, vintage scarf from Beyond Retro, brown leather jacket from Oakland and the aviators-hat that I bought at the antique fair. Im just missing some goggles, but there was no time to get a pair. 

Hope you like it!

10 mars 2017

Vintage-fashion for sale!

Hello everyone!

I have really fun news, I have opened my own shop on Etsy! love Etsy and buy many of my vintage-items from there. It is a great platform for selling your stuff.

I am currently selling some of my vintage clothes because they just don't fit anymore. These are some of my absolutely favorite dresses, which makes me soo sad that they don't fit anymore. *crying*
But oh well! What are you going to do?
Maby some of you will be  one of the new owner to some of these wonderful dresses?

So go and check my shop out!

This is some of the items I'm selling:

This super qute pale yellow 1950s sun dress with white lace and embroidery. Buy it here!

This checkered red and white gingham 1940s dress with accent at the waist and collar. Buy it here!

Oh this dress! I absolutely LOVED this dress, it is a dream! Pale mint green eyelet dress fopon the 1950s. Buy it here!

This 1980s does 1940s style moss green dress with golden knot buttons. Buy it here!

This lovely 1950s pale pink sundress with qute spagetti-straps with white lace-details! Buy here!

And much more!  Please check my Etsy-shop out for more wonderful vintage-fashion!

Much love!

6 mars 2017

For all vintage and burlesque lovers out there - Your Beauty Mark review

Hello everyone! 

I have been really occupied with baby-stuff lately but here comes another quick book review for all you vintage and burlesque-lovers out there that I really recommend!

Title: Your Beauty Mark
Author: Dita Von Teese with Rose Apodaca
Pages: 387
Released: December 2015
My rating: 4 of 5

I LOVE Dita Von Teese, I mean I adore her! She is one of my many inspirations, I love her sense of style and she is a really good burlesque dancer and  I mean how cool isn't that? So when she came out with this book with all of her biggest beauty secrets, I was ecstatic!

This is a book that should lay displayed on your coffee table because it is just so pretty in itself but also a book to sit down,  with a glass of wine, and browse through the beautiful pictures and informative beauty tips. 
This is a book of Dita Von Tees idea of beauty and glamour and her best tips that she have learned during her years as a celebrity and burlesque-dancer. She talks about everything from hair, makeup, her diet, exercise and being comfortable with yourself, feeling sexy and finding your sense of self and style.
She also gives us a look at hollywood-stars that inspired her and the history of glamour. It is really inspiring and it makes me feel that I want to make my everyday life a little more glamorous with some of her tips. Everyone needs more glamour!

This is however not a book that you would read in one go, it is what I would call a "browse-book". There is just to much information and ideas and I think that to really appreaciate it it would be difficult to read it cover to cover, although I think it is suppose to be a little bit of Ditas memoirs. But I would not read it as I would read a novel.

Overall, I really loved this book! The pictures are beautiful and the tips are really useful, it is an interesting read that I highly recommend!

Much love 

19 februari 2017

Outfit of the day and the Stockholm antique fair

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I went to the yearly Stockholm antique fair with one of my best friends Cattis and googled at all the wonderful antique stuff there. It is kind of dangerous for me to go to things like this because iIalways ends up buying something, including this time, and spending more money than I
have. I am always looking for knick-knacks to fill my home with. I would like most of the furniture in my future home but they are so very expensive. 
Oh well! At least  it is fun to walk around and dream about everything.

This is the outfit I wore today at the fair and I can't believe that I was able to squeeze into this skirt. 
Much of my vintage-clothing is till to small after me having my son *sniffle*. I bought the blouse on Etsy.com and the skirt I got at a flee market here in Stockholm. 

 I went with is fabulous lady Cattis, who is one of my best friends from school. She insisted to drive.

I have been looking for this kind of cabinet with glass doors to fill and keep my oldest books. I think this one was really pretty.

There was to and this one had really cool things from the sea, like shells and corals. 

I have also been looking for real champagne coupe-glasses for new years and celebratory occasions. What about these?

I really liked this bike. I would like to bye something like this for Mattis when he gets a little bit older and can ride it. 

Pärlans konfektyr was there as well. They make the most delicious fudge. Yum!

We have also been looking to buy one of these kind old serving- carts to have our old-timer bottles and classes on. I thought this one from the 1930s was really cool but like everything else it was really over my prize-range. 

I think that these boots are really nice and if you like to have a room with a nautical theme, they would be perfect. Or just putting them on a shelf because they are pretty. 

I love this china, I actually collect this perticular china. It is is called Ostindia by Rörstrand and it is the same china that my grandmother has at home. 

There was a lot of vintage-clothing. To bad I could not go through it all, not enough time for that.

And hats! Who doesn't like hats?

Someone was quite happy in the pram because every old lady on the fair seemed  stop to look at him and comment on his cuteness. He got alot of attention, the little charmer. 

I loved these butterflies! They are so pretty! Would have loved to take them both home but alas, I could not afford to bye these. I have a blue butterfly at home in a class-frame but I would like more because I really love looking at them.

I thought this fawn was very qute too. I like taxidermied animals but Jakob thinks they are a little creepy so I don't know if he would allow this in our home. 

We walked by and said hello to Jakob. He was there with work and they had there own booth for their own made jewelry. 

If I ever open my own shop I would like a register like this! Don't know if it is so practical but so cool though. And in my shop I would play old records with Vera Lynn on my old gramophone. 

And this was my finds of the day! I bought a pair of new mittens, because I unfortunately lost mine and this really cool leather aviator/flyers hat. And why I bought that...well if you keep on reading this blog, you will find out ;). 

Much love 

14 februari 2017

My first ever book review!

Hello everyone!

I am currently trying to read some of the books of my very long list and have now finished reading with one of the old classics. So here comes my first ever book review!

Title: The last of the Mohicans
Author: Fenimore Cooper
Pages: 252
Released: February 1826
My rating: 2 of 5

During the war between England and France of the control of North America both sides has taken some parts of the mostly untouched country and use the Native Americans as allies.
Cora and Alice Munro, the daughters of Lieutenant Munro, are traveling with Major Duncan Heyward trough the wilderness from Fort Edwards to Fort William Henry, where there father is in command. On the way they are accompanied with a singer, David Gamut and a guide, a native, named Magua. Magua leeds the company through the forest through a shortcut, which he said is made for the British, but is actually to lead them deeper in the forrest. When they discover Maguas, who is a Huron indian, treachery, he flees and the party is left alone in the forrest, not knowing the direction to Fort William Henry. There they are later found by Hawk-eye, a British scout and the two Mohicans Chingachgook and his son Uncas that help them find the way. They are later attacked by the Hurons and capture Duncan, Gamut, Cora and Alice but are later rescued by Hawk-eye and the Mohicans.
The rest of the book describes the party finding there way to Fort William Henry, more attacks between them, the Hurons and the Mohicans, kidnapping of the  two daughters, rescues and the war between the British, France and the indians.

So, Fenimore Coopers The last of the Mohicans is suppose to be one of the classics that many say that you really need to read before you die. I have read in some reviews people comparing it to Daniels Defoes Robinson Crusoe, but alas...it is not.
I really, really wanted to like this book, because it is such a classic, but I actually found it quite dull. Dafoe writes of a man surviving on a dessert island and a lot happens that makes you want to continue reading the book but not much happens in this book. Yes, there is some moments, like the battle at Glenn Falls, that is a little bit exciting but overall I thought that it was a lot of walking and describing of everything in nature that the characters come in contact with. This can be nice but it becomes a little much of the same in this book when nothing much else happens. Maybe I would appreciate this book more if I was American? Because of the description of American history and surroundings?
Also I found the characters stereotypical. I don't know if it is the writing style of the time or just the believes of the time but the description of native Americans is described as "savages" and that the white man as superior. Fenimore Copper might not want the characters seem that way but if you read between the lines it is very obvious. Also the women in this book are described as a little bit dim-witted, constantly kidnapped, afraid and "helpless", which I find annoying. You don't really get a deeper insight of any of the characters wish is to bad, because I think that might have made the book a little more interesting.
I read this book in Swedish and the language in swedish is not to difficult. I am quite use to it because many of my favorite books are difficult to read- classics but I believe that if you read it in the original language, english, It might be difficult for some.

I really, really wanted to like this book, but sadly I found myself disappointed. I know there is  movie, that I haven't seen but I will check it out. Maybe it will be better than the book?

Much love